Passive house designed by an amateur. Is that even possible?

Passive house

Can someone with no formal education or experience design a fully working passive house?

That was the question which bothered me for quite a while. I know myself and I also know that I am rather a risk taker, sometimes at limits with naivety. And then came the famous claim from one of my biggest heroes, Elon Musk: ” When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” There we go, that was the fuel needed for my passive house rocket.

There is a quite emerging industry of passive, ecological, net zero, zero energy house, call it how you want experts that try to create a perception that it’s ultra complicated to build a passive house. And in some cases, they are right, fair enough. After talking to some of them I realized that a big percentage of my budget would actually go into their direction. However, after spending time analyzing all the facts I came to the personal conclusion that it is worthy to try it on my own.

I have a degree in computer science and am working my whole professional life as a manager, so really the only connection between me and architecture is the fact that I admire some creations of starchitects like Daniel Libeskind, Bjarke IngelsFrank Lloyd Wright and the list could go on.  But the idea of passive house and living with very low if not zero costs, the overall impact this would have on the environment for the next at least 30 years got me.

I am now so much convinced I can do it that I am ready to bet my money on it and actually start the project. My mission with this blog is to show other people that you can do it also on your own while saving costs big time. I hope that in this way I will somehow contribute to a better world.

I plan to post something every week or so (including photos and videos from the building site) so stay tuned, the adventure is about to begin!